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Please note!

Our museum will stay closed until the ‘Nikolausfahrten’ in December.

The preparations for the restauration of the engine shed will start soon, so that the museum space cannot be opened for the public.

We’re very sorry for the inconveniences, but full of hope for the next year …

Saison 2023

Also this year, we will have a lot of things to do and some are already done, for current information and photos, please have a look at our facebook page (which is in german only – sorry – but at least the photos will give you a good impression on what’s going on).

A short reminder: We would be very happy about some more donations to our donation-campaign at the Volksbank Bochum, which is available until the 14th of May.

But now, after several illness related postponements, we are very happy to welcome you again on next Sunday, 7th of May, 11 AM – 5 PM, to make some rounds with our train again. We also put the other dates for this year on the website.

The train is starting it’s tour every hour from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Parkplatz Nachtigallstrasse. Our small restaurant is awaiting you with fresh butter-waffles and a hot bockwurst, in addition to hot & cold drinks. Also our museum rooms will be opened.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have the permission to enter the area of Zeche Nachtigall, so our train has to reverse in the woods in front of the gate (without the option to get off the train there).

See you soon,

your Muttenthalbahn

We’re still here and back again!

For the Muttentalfestival on April, 10th we’re opening our gates again!

Then again on Easter Monday, 18th of April and after that in the old ‘usual rhythm’, so each first sunday of the month until October.

The highlights this year will be the ‘Muttentalfest’ by the Stadtmarketing Witten already taking place the next weekend and our anniversary:

20 years Gruben- und Feldbahnmuseum Zeche Theresia on the 10th & 11th of September 2022!

On all operating days, our museum can be visited between 11AM and 5PM.

We’re very happy to see you back here again!

Your Muttenthalbahn


After pausing the operation for more than one year because of Corona, we had a nice train operating day on the 04 of July. We were looking forward to the next weeks, to repeat this multiple times, during the summer. But the intense rainfall brought by “Bernd”, crossed out these plans. So, our driving operations have to be cancelled again, until further notice. Take a look yourself:

One day later …

Many thank’s and the Advent season

Besides the donation of the NRW Foundation, we are very grateful for another big donation we received from the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation of about €5.100, which will be used to upgrade our track system with steel sleepers. Thank you very much!

Despite the currently difficult situation, we wish you all a nice Advent season and are looking forward to the next year.

Or to say it with the words of our new firebasket (which we received from the RAGthank you, too – and which was illuminated by Bastian Eberle):

your Muttenthalbahn

PS: On our facebook page, you can have a look at our unique “tipper wagon advent calendar” …

Good and bad news

We recently received a €25,000.00 donation from the NRW Stiftung, to support our plans to improve the railway tracks. Thank you very much!

(sorry, only the original german file available)

But of course, we are also very grateful for all other sponsors, people who bought the virtual tickets as well as our long time supporters.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we will not have any opening days this year. The additional financial and organizational effort, to comply with the contact restrictions, as well as the significantly lower utilization of the trains itself, makes it impossible for us to guarantee a reasonable operation.

Of course we are already thinking about next year and hope to see you again as soon as possible!

Best regards & stay healthy,
your Muttenthalbahn

COVID-19 is affecting us, too

Because of the Corona-virus we are forced to cancel all events and opening days probably until end of August. This includes also the Trabi-meeting, Oldtimerfestival and the concert of the Lions-club at “Zeche Nachtigall”.

Unfortunately it isn’t so easy for us, to comply with the hygienic requirements and distance rules, which were needed to continue operation with good conscience.

The healthiness of all our passengers, visitors and as well as our volunteers is very important for us, which leads us to this step.

During this time, we are not only asking for donations to cover our everyday costs (as you can read in this german article in the WAZ), but we’re also offering something to buy: virtual tickets.

These are available in two categories: one adult (8 Euro) or families, two adults & two children for 20 Euros.

The tickets include the ride, a waffle and a hot/cold drink for each person.

They can be redeemed from the time we’re opening again (hopefully in September this year) and until the end of the season next year, 2021. The tickets will wait for your visit in our tickets booth (no physical delivery).

If you are interested in buying some tickets, please send your request to!

We would be very happy to receive a lot of interest and/or donations.

Thank you in advance & stay healthy,

your Muttenthalbahn

New dates online

The new dates for 2020 are available and online.

We hope you had a nice year and we wish you some wonderful christmas days and a happy new year!

On the 05th of January, you can already visit us again and have some tasteful mulled vine, before taking a ride through the hopefully more winterly landscape as it is currently.

Greetings & see you then,
your Muttenthalbahn


This year again, we sent a request to the support program of the ‘Volksbank Bochum Witten’. The Volksbank is sponsoring many projects of social clubs in our region every year. All sponsoring requests to the Volksbank will be presented on their webpage and are available for a public voting. For this voting, we need your support to raise our chance to win!

We would like to build up two more wagons for transportation of wheelchairs and baby strollers. Since we can’t do all the necessary work on our own and are also lacking some materials, we will need some money to get it done.

Here *VR Foerderprogramm Arge Muttenthalbahn* you can see the complete request (in gerrman only) and the button to vote for us (‘Stimme abgeben’ at the end of that page). Until 31-Jan-2019, you can vote for us every day!

Thank you very much and have nice christmas days!
Your Muttenthalbahn

Events for 2019

The year is nearly over and we had our last opening day for 2018 today. But the events for 2019 are already planned and published on the event page.

We wish you all a very nice christmas time and are happy to open our doors already on the 6th of January again.

See you soon,
your Muttenthalbahn

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