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Welcome to the Muttenthalbahn light railway

All you need to know about the mining and narrow-gauge railway museum and operating days with further details on the Muttenthalbahn can be found on this page.

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The working group Muttenthalbahn has been based below Schloss Steinhausen directly by the river Ruhr in Witten-Bommern since 1989.
The used premises belong to the now defunct Zeche[colliery] Theresia which closed down as far back as 1892. This mine had played a role in the early days of the mining industry south of the Ruhr. Our working group had redeveloped the listed colliery buildings which now serve as a good homestead for the museum.

We wish you an enjoyable perusal of our page and are looking forward to welcome you in the museum!



Our latest report:

Many thank’s and the Advent season

Besides the donation of the NRW Foundation, we are very grateful for another big donation we received from the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation of about €5.100, which will be used to upgrade our track system with steel sleepers. Thank you very much!

Despite the currently difficult situation, we wish you all a nice Advent season and are looking forward to the next year.

Or to say it with the words of our new firebasket (which we received from the RAGthank you, too – and which was illuminated by Bastian Eberle):

your Muttenthalbahn

PS: On our facebook page, you can have a look at our unique “tipper wagon advent calendar” …

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