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In addition to the planned new construction on the site of the former Ritz iron foundry, for which we are currently actively collecting targeted donations, we of course also need to cover our usual expenses:

High fuel costs don’t leave the Muttenthalbahn without a trace. Our vehicles run mainly on diesel fuel which is obtained from the local filling station. We are truly grateful for every litre of diesel or cash donation.


Heating costs for the exhibition buildings amount to €1000 per month outside the season.

Maintaining a temperature of 13°C during the winter months to upkeep the buildings and their contents is inevitable.
As a non-profit making association we receive no public financial support to preserve our museum and are dependent on donations and membership fees.

The revenue for the general upkeep of the museum is, if at all on some occasions, raised under strain.

For this reason we kindly ask you for a donation.

If you would like to make a donation, please feel free to transfer directly to our bank account at Volksbank BochumWitten:

Account Holder: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Muttenthalbahn e.V.
IBAN: DE55 4306 0129 0630 1461 00
Purpose: Erhalt des Museums

Or transfer your donation via PayPal to or use the following QR code:

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Muttenthalbahn e.V. is recognized as a non-profit association (in Germany). If you require a donation receipt for tax purposes, please send a brief email after the transfer with your name (matching the transfer) and address to, and we will promptly send you the receipt.
(It is important to note, that the tax regulations and requirements for donation receipts may vary depending on the country your are living in. So it is possible that we may not be able to meet the requirements there. Please feel free to contact us via email in advance regarding this matter.)

Many thanks!

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