The homepage of the working group Muttenthalbahn e.V., Witten / Ruhr

Wuppertal students of Architecture design layout for Muttenthal Mining and narrow-gauge Railway Museum


First of all, how can the riches of narrow-gauge and underground colliery
railway history be represented in the form of a museum along with enabling
visitors to feel and experience the atmosphere of small-scale coal mining
related to the Muttenthal ? This question was dealt with by students of
Archtitecture of the University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität) in the form
of a design studio under the professorship of Professors Ulrich Königs and Karl
Schwalbendorfer. A profile of requirements was developed and an area of land
chosen for the museum which lies southwest of the former colliery Zeche
Theresia in co-operation with Herr Frank of the Muttenthalbahn e.V working
A variety of of architectural designs dedicated to Zeche Theresia Mine are on
display on the premises at the open-air museum on the same site. These
present a wide range of ideas and demonstrate how contemporary architecture
can represent Industrial History in the present and future.


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