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This year again, we sent a request to the support program of the ‘Volksbank Bochum Witten’. The Volksbank is sponsoring many projects of social clubs in our region every year. All sponsoring requests to the Volksbank will be presented on their webpage and are available for a public voting. For this voting, we need your support to raise our chance to win!

We would like to build up two more wagons for transportation of wheelchairs and baby strollers. Since we can’t do all the necessary work on our own and are also lacking some materials, we will need some money to get it done.

Here *VR Foerderprogramm Arge Muttenthalbahn* you can see the complete request (in gerrman only) and the button to vote for us (‘Stimme abgeben’ at the end of that page). Until 31-Jan-2019, you can vote for us every day!

Thank you very much and have nice christmas days!
Your Muttenthalbahn

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