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Saison 2023

Also this year, we will have a lot of things to do and some are already done, for current information and photos, please have a look at our facebook page (which is in german only – sorry – but at least the photos will give you a good impression on what’s going on).

A short reminder: We would be very happy about some more donations to our donation-campaign at the Volksbank Bochum, which is available until the 14th of May.

But now, after several illness related postponements, we are very happy to welcome you again on next Sunday, 7th of May, 11 AM – 5 PM, to make some rounds with our train again. We also put the other dates for this year on the website.

The train is starting it’s tour every hour from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Parkplatz Nachtigallstrasse. Our small restaurant is awaiting you with fresh butter-waffles and a hot bockwurst, in addition to hot & cold drinks. Also our museum rooms will be opened.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have the permission to enter the area of Zeche Nachtigall, so our train has to reverse in the woods in front of the gate (without the option to get off the train there).

See you soon,

your Muttenthalbahn

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