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Door-Opening-(Wednes)Day, on October 03

Again on October 03 it will be the “Door-Opening-Day” of the “Sendung mit der Maus” (children television documentary series).
We invite all fans of the “Maus” to have a look on our special vehicles and wagons and of course to have a ride with our narrow gauge train.
Additionally, the youth fire department from Bommerholz and their colleagues from Bommern are visiting us, too. They will explain their fire trucks, show a fire fighting exercise and the fearless children (at least 6 years old) can get a look to the area from far above!

More information to the “Door-Opening-Day” can be found on (only in german): WDR television or our Facebook page.

Finally a short note: the planned lampion rides on 11.11.2018 are cancelled, because of the many other events on this date.

We’re looking forward to see you in October (on 7th it’s also open)!
Your Muttenthalbahn

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