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COVID-19 is affecting us, too

Because of the Corona-virus we are forced to cancel all events and opening days probably until end of August. This includes also the Trabi-meeting, Oldtimerfestival and the concert of the Lions-club at “Zeche Nachtigall”.

Unfortunately it isn’t so easy for us, to comply with the hygienic requirements and distance rules, which were needed to continue operation with good conscience.

The healthiness of all our passengers, visitors and as well as our volunteers is very important for us, which leads us to this step.

During this time, we are not only asking for donations to cover our everyday costs (as you can read in this german article in the WAZ), but we’re also offering something to buy: virtual tickets.

These are available in two categories: one adult (8 Euro) or families, two adults & two children for 20 Euros.

The tickets include the ride, a waffle and a hot/cold drink for each person.

They can be redeemed from the time we’re opening again (hopefully in September this year) and until the end of the season next year, 2021. The tickets will wait for your visit in our tickets booth (no physical delivery).

If you are interested in buying some tickets, please send your request to!

We would be very happy to receive a lot of interest and/or donations.

Thank you in advance & stay healthy,

your Muttenthalbahn

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