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New forklift truck

Because of donations by the Wittener Sparkassen- und Bürgerstiftung (foundation) and the furniture shop Ostermann, it was possible to buy a “new-old” forklift truck with a load capacity of around 5 (kilo-)tons.

With the new truck, it will be possible to handle the heavy clearance work on the museum’s outside terrain with our own equipment. We are very happy about it and like to thank you all very much!

See you soon,
your Muttenthalbahn

Dates for 2018 + Thank you

The dates for this year are available online! We’re looking forward to see you.
We are very pleased about an extraordinary donation from the NRW Foundation. Because our museum is mainly running by donations and membership fees, we need these additional donations to acquire new things and to expand the museum. Many thanks to the NRW Foundation for their support!
At this point, we would also like to thank all the other sponsors and helpers for their (partly long-standing) support. No matter if donations of money, donations in kind or working support, without all of you, our museum would not be, what it is today. Thank you!
€5000 from the NRW Foundation
For a happy year 2018
Your Muttenthalbahn

Santa special rides on December 10

The santa specials are coming closer, but we will have to shift them about one week to the 10th of December.

The rides are starting at 11:00 AM and will be repeated hourly as usual, but the train to Santa (in direction of Zeche Nachtigall) will end up in the forest. We can take 20 children on every ride at a cost of 6.50€ each (5€ for companions), the children will receive a little surprise from Saint Nicholas. Back at the train station, one hot drink will wait for every passenger. Waffles, sausages and lard sandwiches are also available.

It is necessary to preregister by e-mail ( with the desired timeslot, the amount of children (and companions) and the surname with your adress to assign your tickets. You will receive an email back, if the chosen places are available, please transfer the costs to our (donation) bank account, to make a binding reservation. The tickets won’t be sent to you, but can be picked up at the platform just before starting your ride.

With the best wishes
Your Muttenthalbahn

Here our donation account:
IBAN: DE55 4306 0129 0630 1461 00
BIC: GENODEM1BOC at the VolksBank Bochum-Witten

Pentecost festival

Next weekend, we will celebrate the pentecost festival.


We set up a new place for our small guests, to let them build their own museum:


And we are working with full speed, to lay out some new rails:


Have a nice week and see you on sunday!
Your Muttenthalbahn

Events in 2017

The list of events has been updated with the dates for 2017.

See you soon!
Your Muttenthalbahn

For a good year 2017

At first, there was a little mistake with the dates, the mulled wine trips in January are on Sunday 08.01. (not on Saturday)! We are sorry for this inconvenience.

After that, we hope you had some nice christmas days and we wish you a happy new year 2017!

With the best wishes and regards
Your Muttenthalbahn

Saint Nicholas rides 2016

We still have some tickets left for the Saint Nicholas rides 2016.
On 4th of December the traditional Santa rides of the Muttenthalbahn will be celebrated. From 11:00AM our little trains are driving each hour from the parking lot ‘Nachtigallstraße’ over ‘Zeche Theresia’ to ‘Zeche Nachtigall’ and back. On that way, the train will have a short stop in the winter woods, where Saint Nicholas is waiting with surprise bags for the children.
A preregistration is required and can be done at the ‘Stadtmarketing Witten, Ticket- und Service-Centrum’ next to the city hall (tel. 02302 12233).
For children, a ride (with a present, a ‘Stutenkerl’ and a chocolate drink back at the main station) will cost €9.00, for attendant adults it’s about €3.00 (also including a hot drink after the ride).
Of course, the museums buildings and the Café Theresia are available as well as our trains can be used as a shuttle between the stations by all visitors (if free seats are available).

With best regards for the cosy season
Your Arge Muttenthalbahn

We need your support

Every year, the ‘Volksbank Bochum Witten’ is sponsoring many projects of social clubs in our region. This time, we will participate with a request for sponsoring of a tamping machine. This machine would help us very much in maintenance and track-extension tasks! All sponsoring requests to the Volksbank will be presented on their webpage and are available for a public voting. For this voting, we need your support to raise our chance to get the tamping machine.

At *this page*, you can find the complete request (it’s only available in german) and the button to vote for us (‘Stimme abgeben’).

Thank you very much!
Your Arge Muttenthalbahn

30 years Muttenthalbahn

At the 25th and 26th of June, 2016, the Arge Muttenthalbahn e.V. celebrates their 30 years anniversary!

All companions, sponsors and patrons, as well as our numerous visitors of whom we carried more than 139,000 without an accident, since the museum opened in 2002, are cordially invited. Food, drinks and new impressions of the museum will be provided.

Several guest vehicles are going on the tracks as freight trains with passenger transport. Our passenger shuttle train is driving as usual from the parking lot at the Nachtigallstraße to the Zeche Theresia and to the Zeche Nachtigall. The museum will be open for our guests from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Once again we hope to meet many “old friends” and to welcome you to the Zeche Theresia.

Stay with us and have a nice time.
Your Arge Muttenthalbahn

Muttental festival

For celebrating the beginning of our season in 2016, we would like to invite you to the Muttental festival at Zeche Theresia on the 20th of March, 2016.
Of course we hope for good weather that day, but even if this won’t work, in our covered wagon or in the cafeteria, with a hot waffle, you don’t have to stand in the rain.
Therefore – have a good year 2016!

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