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Wuppertal students of Architecture design layout for Muttenthal Mining and narrow-gauge Railway Museum


First of all, how can the riches of narrow-gauge and underground colliery
railway history be represented in the form of a museum along with enabling
visitors to feel and experience the atmosphere of small-scale coal mining
related to the Muttenthal ? This question was dealt with by students of
Archtitecture of the University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität) in the form
of a design studio under the professorship of Professors Ulrich Königs and Karl
Schwalbendorfer. A profile of requirements was developed and an area of land
chosen for the museum which lies southwest of the former colliery Zeche
Theresia in co-operation with Herr Frank of the Muttenthalbahn e.V working
A variety of of architectural designs dedicated to Zeche Theresia Mine are on
display on the premises at the open-air museum on the same site. These
present a wide range of ideas and demonstrate how contemporary architecture
can represent Industrial History in the present and future.


‘Open Doors Day’

Tickets for the ‘Open Doors Day’ on October 3, 2015 of children’s television programme ‘Sendung mit der Maus’ are available now.

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Uses of narrow-gauge railways for various purposes

neu 20

Coal trains:





Colliery train:

091023_Bild_ 745



Rock transport:

090705_MTB_ 166 (25)

140712_MTB (21)



Tip waggon train:

140719_MTB (6)

140719_MTB (10)

Bahn_8_06 0721



Peat railway train:

140712_MTB (56)

Bahn_8_06 0741



Peat railway works unit:

neu 30



Conversion from works unit to “blue Saloon car“:

neu 40

neu 41



Large and small locomotives:

140712_MTB (44)

090705_MTB_ 166 (48)

090705_MTB_ 166 (18)

140719_MTB (4)



Guest steam locomotive:

Bahn_8_06 0211

Bahn_8_06 0321

Bahn_8_06 0221

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